How to Use VSO Locator

A complete list of all Illinois Veteran Service Officer Locations,contact information and office hours. 

For your convenience this map has been color coded: 

  • Blue = IACVAC Association Member
  • Orange = IACVAC Non-Association Member
  • Green = Daily Office Coverage
  • Yellow = Most Days / At Least One Day a Week
  • Red = Intermittent Coverage

How to use the map:

  1. Click icon to display a list of counties .
  2. Select the county where you live. Contact information for the county office selected should display on the right.
  3. If you would like driving or public transit directions to the location click on "Get Directions" under the contact information.
  4. Type a starting address including City & Zip Code and click go. Directions will load in the left pane.  Click the box to the left of "Get Directions" to choose driving, public transit or walking directions. To print these directions click "Print" on the top right pane of the map.