Our Goal is to Promote the Services & Benefits to Military Veterans & Their Dependents

Welcome To The I.A.C.V.A.C.

Our county offices have been established by Illinois Statutes and are staffed by VA accredited veteran service officers dedicated to serve Illinois Veterans, their widows, and their dependents. We offer a professional and confidential no-fee service for VA Claims and/or County Veteran's Assistance Claims.


I.A.C.V.A.C. Contact Info

     First Division

Contact Person: Mike Roof 
Ph: 815.936.5622
E-mail: mroof@k3county.net

     Second Division

Contact Person: Luz Maria Gilkey
Ph: 815.756.8129
E-Mail: lgilkey@dekalbcounty.org

     Third Division

Contact Person: Kimberly Banister-Fiuiten
Ph: 217.753.6680
E-Mail: KimF@co.sangamon.il.us

      Fourth Division

Contact Person: Kathie Powless
Ph: 217.424.1376
E-Mail: kpowless@co.macon.il.us